Full Moon Meditation on June 21st at 10 p.m.

Full Moon Meditation
By Zoom

The Full Moon Meditation is an ephemeral event designed to bring about energetic and informational synchronization.
(This synchronicity implies that the replay is meaningless)

Sunday March 24th, at 10 p.m.

Lien de connexion Zoom pour participer :


Meeting ID: 82692784850
Password: MPL

Duration: 2h
(You can quit whenever you want – 45 min being a minimum time to optimize results)


Accessible to all




Theoretical reminders:

  • being tuned with the FM allow us to receive information (that changes every 2 hours).
  • Relying on the current year hexagram make us synchronized
  • We use a selenite wand as an antenna to amplify the signal. It is also be taken as a balancing approach energy wise

Postural component

Either sit on the floor (it’s better if you can), or on a chair.

  • back straight, tailbone free, knees supported if necessary (when on the ground).
  • teeth loosened, lips in light contact, root of tongue (throat height) relaxed, chin slightly towards the chest.
  • a smile is waved.
  • remember to 'erase' the intensity accumulated when setting up the instructions (shoulders down, lumbar belt well in place, diaphragm free)


Respiratory component

  • free up the intestines and bladder.
  • empty the stomach.
  • sweep the central axis up and down with fingers pointing towards the body (as in the digestion phase).
  • put on glasses, watches, loosen belts.
  • relieve congestion in the throat (sigh, exhale, scrape, etc.)


Mental component

  • we remember Chi's constant support.
  • we see ourselves as a cell/unit of a larger group ( approx. 120).
  • you make a contribution (however modest) and receive something in return.


Personal component

  • We “accept” the idea of hexagram 38 of the year: Opposition hoovering about one fist away above your head.
  • You “just” listen to your feelings as an observer, without expectation nor judgmental approach.
  • Keep your palms facing each other, at the level of the Lower Dan Tian, and accept the idea that you are holding the LP in your hands.


End protocol (whatever that moment may be on a personal level)

  • energy is focused on the Lower Dan Tian (except for menstruating or pregnant women, who focus on the Middle Dan Tian).
  • you exit the posture smoothly.
  • personal adjustments are made.
  • massage the temples with the pads of the middle fingers.
  • we'll open our eyes when it's easy and natural.
  • we take a minute to observe its condition.