Erwann Le Moigne

 La Vie Dao’s motto is:

” Being your servant “

This philosophy is based on the fractal dimension of universe: anything good for anyone is also good for oneself !

Since his Master Zhixing Wang asked him to teach, Erwann Le Moigne ‘spread the word’ in Western Europe. For 30 years, he made his best to make it possible for the students to integrate the practice on a daily basis.

Graduate FEQGAE, Sport Pour Tous.

La Vie Dao offers some guidance:

  • Energywise based on the Dao Hua Qi Gong
  • Informationwise about what Life means on a cosmic level

In order to ensure the paradigm shift to which we are all subject, teaching is based on both:

  • 30 years’ experience in transmitting Dao Hua Qi Gong in Western Europe
  • an engineering degree (specializing in water chemistry)

Integrating these principles into everyday life has become essential and calls for:

  • A more complete health
  • More autonomy
  • Increased and assumed responsibility


Erwann Le Moigne